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Tripoint Germany-Poland-Czech Republic

Visited on Sept.8, 2001. Czech flag and boundary marker can be seen on the right, German flag and b.marker in the middle and Polish flag to the left.

Behind Peter the river "Neisse", forming the border between Germany and Czech Rep.; a small brook, the "Oldrichovsky" - forming the border betw. Pl and Cz - empties into the Neisse just to the left of the large bush, creating a "wet" tripoint. From here, the Neisse forms the boundary line between Poland and Germany.
tripoint map

Tripoint Austria-Hungary-Slovakia
Visited on Sept. 9, 2001. Meeting point of three language groups  and cultures: Slavic, Germanic and Hungarian. My first visit to this tp took place in 1963, when fences, mines and watchtowers were the usual welcome to this place... Now, it's all gone. A modern sculpture park has been established touching all three countries. Best accessible road to this tp: via the Austrian village of "Deutsch Jahrndorf".
Tp At Hu Sk - happy borderfreaks at this great place, July 2002.

Tripoint Austria-Slovenia-Hungary
Visited on Sept. 9, 2001.
My second visit to this - very remote - tripoint.
After the removal of fences and watchtowers this monument has been enlarged - and is easily accessible from the Austrian side (path along AtSi border, ˝ hrs walk) or from Slovenia.
German: Dreiländereck
Hungarian: Hármashatárkö
Slovenian: Tromejnik 
trtpoint map

Tripoint Austria-Slovenia-Italy
Visited on Sept. 10, 2001.
This is the symbolic monument displayed in many brochures. It is, however, not the real tripoint, since it stands completely on Austrian soil. Very scenic point, easily accessible from all three countries. Easiest way: by cable car from Seltschach/Austria plus 20 minutes walk.
Actual tripoint marker:
RI = Repubblica Italiana
RS = Republika Slovenija
Oe = on Austrian side.

Another - symbolic - monument has been erected very close to this marker - on Slovenian territory.

Tripoint Austria-Switzerland-Liechtenstein N
Visited on Sept. 11, 2001.
Wet tripoint in river "Rhein". Boundary marker # 135 between Austria and Liechtenstein (FL) - the very last one - in foreground.
Tripoint appr. 10-15 metres behind Peter in Rhine river.
Opposite riverbank is Swiss.

Tripoint Austria-Switzerland-Germany
Visited on Sept. 11, 2001.
somewhere behind me in Lake Constance/Bodensee.
Only tripoint in Europe not officially recognized, since the three
Countries involved cannot agree on the partition of the lake...

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