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Border of Norway-Sweden
Norwegian-Swedish border near Vauldalen/No. E of Roeros. Boundary line cleared = boundary vista similar to US-CA border.
Large boundary marker on border Swe-Nor, called "Riksröse". Usually painted yellow. Border W of Nössemark/S. Lat.: 59,8' N
Close up of boundary marker no. 10 - "Solumsröset". One of the oldest boundary markers in Europe - from 1752 !
Riksröse no. 266B near Björnfjell/No. Lat.: 68,25 N
Blue sign in middle of pict. "Norge" (no welcoming...!) on main road between Fjällnäs/Sw. + Brekken/No.
Same place. Boundary stone "Sverige 1929".

Border of France-Austria
Border France-Belgium at Roisin/Be. 15 km E of Valenciennes/F. In this border area 65 boundary markers can be found, about 200 years old. They are marked "France" and "Autriche". Before 1815 and the Vienna congress the Netherlands belonged to Austria (Belgium became independent in 1830!) and thus had a border common with France...!
...and the boundary markers are still there...!
French boundary marker with 3 lilies (fleurs-de-lis) and "France".
Austrian boundary marker with two eagles and "Autriche".

Border of Germany-Belgium
Border Belgium-Germany near Aachen. The suburb of & Lichtenbusch is partly German and partly Belgian. Boundary marker no. 938 in front. According to the border treaty the whole road belongs to Germany. Kindergarten to the left is on Belgian soil. Boundary line pointing to the adjacent marker - here the straight line between markers would cut off a small part  of the kindergarten...
Peter's mate Chris close to boundary marker no. 939 on Belgian territory. Belgian police watching him. This part of Belgium has German as official language. (Area of Eupen-Malmédy).
Boundary line crossing thru pleasant forest near Aachen. Two football fanatics in two countries... 
On each side of boundary marker no. 935: Chris in Belgium, Peter in Germany.
- there are about 1030 boundary markers between these two countries.!

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