The International Border Research Group

The International Border Research Group (IBRG) is a non-governmental Scandinavian-based organisation for research on international borders, triponts, trilines and border markers.

The IBRG frequently organizes international expeditions and the members usually publish their individually studies in form of academic, popular scientific, travelogue  or journalistic reports.



Frode Berg

IBRG President 2008 - 2012. Chief organizer of the 2008 GBSBE Expedition. 

Citizen of Norway.

Daily life: Inspector (R) at the Norwegian Border Commissioner for the Norwegian-Russian Border.

Peter Hering

IBRG Founder and President 2003 - 2008. Editor of Peter Hering's Border Pictures. Hering has visited the majority of all countries in the world and more than 100 international borders. Chief or Co-organizer of eight IBRG Expeditions.

Citizen of Austria.

Daily life: (Retired) Teacher, Tour Guide, Translator, Lecturer on borders, Vienna, Australia etc. Hering resides in Denmark.


Mike Kaufman

Kaufman has participated in four IBRG expeditions. 

Citizen of the United States. 

Daily life: Kaufman works at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington D.C., USA.


Ann Kennard

Kennard has published many reports on international boundary issues. One of her most important reports is

– 'Old Cultures, New Institutions': Around the New Eastern Border of the European Union (European Studies in Culture and Policy' (2010)

Citizen of the United Kingdom.

Daily life: A principal lecturer (retired) in German and European Studies in the Faculty of Languages and European Studies at the University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Jan S. Krogh

IBRG President since 2012. Editor of Jan S. Krogh's Geosite, Organizer of SKE and Co-organizer of GBBE and Søsex. 

Citizen of Norway.

Daily life: Managing Director at UAB Kronen, Lithuania.

Doug Murray

Owner of Borderfilms. Participant in six IBRG expeditions.

Citizen of Canada.

Daily life: Travel Journalism, Photography, Radio Features, Television Producing and Marketing and Promotion in Guatemala and Canada. 

Jesper Nielsen

Editor of Borderbase. Nielsen's main interest is on international tripoints and trilines, the Danish-German border and he has made a research on every single border marker at this border. He has visited a number of borders in Europe, North America, Africa (Great South East African Border Trip) and Asia (Boundaries of Cyprus, 2003).  Nielsen has also participated in seven IBRG expeditions.

Citizen of Denmark.

Daily life: Systems Administrator at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science, SCIENCE-IT, Denmark. 

Hans Peter Nissen

The IBRG Chief of Logistics. Nissen has participated in four IBRG expeditions.  Project Manager of the 2016 special exhibition at the Danish Reunification and Border Museum, Christiansfeld (posters below Danish only). 

Citizen of Denmark.

Daily life: Director of Logistics at JP/Politikens Hus A/S, Denmark.

Særudstillingen 2016 ved Genforenings- og Grænsemuseet: 1920-grænsen

0. Forside-planche
1. Sådan blev 1920-grænsen til I
2. Sådan blev 1920-grænsen til II
3. Kruså, Kobbermølle og Skomagerhus-planche
4. Bov - Padborg - Kruså-planche
5. Motorvejgrænsen-planche
6. Vilmkærgård-planche I

7. Vilmkærgård-planche II
8. Sofiedal-planche
9. Vandløbene-planche
10. Rudbøl-planche
11. Siltoft-planche
Invitation til åbning af særudstilling og foredrag

Foredraget "Grænser – Især den fra 1920" del 1 "Grænser – Især den fra 1920" del 2
Rolf Palmberg

Editor of the book Gränsfeber (2009) and Tripoint spotting, Enclaves of the World and Borders Borders Borders (earlier also Border Zone Europe, Border Zone Asia and European Tripointing). Palmberg keeps an up-to-date record on political enclaves-exclaves (a.k.a. true enclaves) of the World.

Citizen of Finland.

Daily life: (Retired) Senior Lecturer at Åbo Akademi University at Vaasa, Finland.

Steen Schelde

Schelde is editor of a Danish-German Border Photo Site.  He has visited a number of border areas in the South East Asia. 

Citizen of Denmark.

Daily life: Architecture & Planning Professional, Denmark. 


Harry ten Veen

Editor of BorderLand. Organizer of numerous expeditions in the BeNeLux and participant in four IBRG expeditions.  His Picasa Border Galley is a rich source to a very big number of border markers in the region (Dutch).

Citizen of the Netherlands.

Daily life: System Coordinator at Rabobank, the Netherlands.


Participation of 
IBRG Members

2001 The Danish-German Border Expedition 2001. Link #1 PH, JN
6-16 Sep 2001  The Great Central European Border Expedition (GCEBE). Report,  video #1, video #2, link #3, link #4 (Danish), link #5 PH, DM, JN, RP, HV
1-8 July 2002  The Great Eastern European Border Expedition (GEEBE) involved crossing approximately 25 official borders, and covered 8 Eastern European tripoints as well as visiting border areas in Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary. Link #1, link #2 PH, MK, AK, DM, JN, RP, HV
9-21 July 2003  The Great Baltic Border Expedition (GBBE). Border areas of the Baltic countries of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. After the main expedition had ended some of the participants also visited the Swedish and Norwegian boundary. 
Link #1, link #2
8-21 May 2005  The Great South Eastern European Border Expedition (GSEEBE). Covering 14 countries, mainly on the Balkan. Itinerary, details, map, Link #1, link #2, link #3 PH, MK, AK, DM, JN, HPN, RP, HV
13-15 Sep 2007  The Great Ghana Border Expedition (GGBE). Link #1, link #2 DM, JN
May 2008  The Great Black Sea Border Expedition (GBSBE). Short Report.  Link #1, link #2 FB, PH, MK, AK, DM, JN, RP
28 April - 1 May 2011 The Small Kaliningrad Expedition (SKE). Link #1 JSK, HPN
27 Aug-13 Sep 2011  Den Store Øst-Asien Ekspeditionen (Søsex) [The Great East Asia Expedition]. Programme.
Border areas between China, North Korea and Russia (CNKPRU), the Joint Security Area between North and South Korea, Beijing and Tibet.
Link #1
27-29 Apr 2012 The Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa Border Expedition (ENBE). Border areas between Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.
Short Report
19-21 Apr 2013 The Switzerland Expedition (CHEX13). Preliminary CHEX13 Itinerary.  Full report (German). PH, AK, JSK, HPN, RP
Aug 2016 The Andorra Expedition (ADEX16).  


2003 - 2008 Peter Hering
2008 - 2012 Frode Berg
2012 - Jan S. Krogh


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